Friday, March 30, 2012

We Are Loving Agate Stones & Coral!

We just got some BEAUTIFUL agate stones and coral in the shop this week! They are all so beautiful, it's hard to pick a favorite:

We especially love them on these solid crystal blocks.

The one below is Betsey's favorite - it has beautiful shades of greys and white and is so sparkly! 

Large spider coral:

Malachite stone:

Shaun is loving the stone below. It is so unique, the textures and colors are so great!

Spider coral:

We even have these fun agate coasters. Each one is different but all so beautiful! We could design a whole room around the colors found in these stones! 

Do you have any favorites??

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  2. Natural coral stones stay cool to the touch while uncovered to daylight. this option prevents surprising burns while cleaning up against a coral stone wall on a sun day.
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