Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Artist joining Shaun Smith Home!

We are thrilled to share with you all that we are now carrying the artwork by the insanely talented Austin James! Austin's work has an ethereal and organic look to it that we just love.

Austin uses a mix of crushed pigments, oils, acrylic and resins to create these stunning pieces. The resin finish gives each piece a high gloss finish that looks similar to glass. "I employ resin in order to create an altered and present reality.  Resin pushes a successful painting to create a feel of stepping through a looking glass into a secret scene: a captured world." - Austin James

Austin began his art career in 1994 as a poet. His love for playing with words and phrases and his love for color naturally led him to experimenting with paint and motion. He started painting in 1996 and exhibiting as a professional artist in 1997.  Austin believes that art is energy. Each human being has his or her own unique form of energy.  An artist is capable of translating this energy into art. Austin’s pieces focus on organic shapes, color, the natural flow of matter and motion.  His MFA from Naropa University in Poetry has infused a lyrical sensibility into Austin’s work.


“I love color, movement and lyrics in my art.  To be successful, the art must be memorable when one turns away.”  - Austin James

Not only is Austin an amazing artist but a poet as well! He has a book coming out titled Brackish Water coming out this October. 

Here are two available now at the shop...

Austin will be here at the shop this Saturday, October 4th for Art for Arts Sake from 6 - 9 so be sure to come by to see these stunning pieces and meet this insanely talented artist!!