Friday, March 23, 2012

Art In Bloom Recap & Our Table!

Last week we designed a table for Art In Bloom for the New Orleans Museum of Art. We had such a great time doing the table and wanted to share the process with y'all!

We wanted to design something that felt continuous with the architecture of the building, yet added some unexpected elements...

New Orleans Museum of Art

Our starting point came from the GORGEOUS table hand made by an extremely talented artist out of Mississippi. The tabletop is completely made out of reclaimed barn wood, so it has an aged, rustic feel.

At Shaun Smith Home, we love mixing the unexpected. White cowhides under the rustic table is a great example!

Once the table was in, we had some unexpected challenges... we found out our display had to be at least 3 feet from any paintings and we were not able to bring in any outside paintings. Ooops... that was our plan!

Ahhh well... we made sure we were away from the priceless artwork and it was time to improvise! (and SHOP!)

Shaun talked his way into a to the trade florist shop and we started shopping for the flowers. We (HE!) decided the blue roses might compete too much with the rest of the design. (we agreed!)

So the design plan started developing and the table began transforming...

We LOVE busts at the shop so of course we had to incorporate one into the design!

Not to mention the museum was covered in them!

I digress.... back to the table!

Here's the finished table:

This is what Shaun Smith Home is all about - layers, textures, mixing the old and new and interesting pieces within the design.

Close ups:

We decided to do a more modern floral design and cut white roses to the bud and simply floated in the water. They looked beautiful and lasted for days!

We had a great time setting up the table but we had an even better time at the cocktail party!

Betsey & Shaun

Shaun's beautiful mother Sherry even came to the event!

Sherry & Shaun

We had a wonderful time designing our table and are honored Art In Bloom selected Shaun Smith Home to showcase a table! We hope to design an even more amazing table scape next year!


The Shaun Smith Home Team


  1. Looks amazing y'all! Sherry is gorgeous, the table is so creative, and y'all look great. Congrats!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. First of all -I want that table! Second of all - that's his MOM?!?! I want her secret fountain of youth. And, of course, you look fantastic :)