Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Men's Gift Guide

If your fellow is resistant to share his innermost desires, specifically those involving gifts this holiday season, then here is a quick guide of some fabulous items available at Shaun Smith Home.

1. Wool blanket/throw   $75

With the current popularity of "man grooming" your special guy may need some extra warmth this season. Our cozy wool blankets will surely keep his smooth, hairless body toasty this winter.

2. Austin James painting   $750

With a name that oozes masculinity and artwork that oozes sensible style, a big piece of Austin James may be just what he needs this holiday season.

3. Framed insects on stands   $340 (set of 4)

Instead of bugging him for gift ideas this year, why not just give him some bugs? These insects, sealed in clear resin cubes, will surely make him smile.. or faint. Either way you'll feel a sense of joy.

4. Fortuny dog collars   $80 (small)   $100 (large)

Has his furry little friend been a bit neglected this year? And of course I mean his pet pooch! If so, give his buddy something to bark about with a stunning Fortuny dog collar. The neighborhood bitches will be very impressed. (collars available next door at Gerrie Bremermann)

5. Antique glass medicine bottles   $49 (small)   $69 (large)

Bring out his inner chemist with these beautiful antique medicine bottles. Great for adding a sense of history and style, these bottles might just have him re-watching old episodes of Breaking Bad.

6. Alabaster spaniel carving   $790

Perhaps a hand-carved springer spaniel statue made of alabaster will shut him up about getting that new puppy.. at least until New Year's.

7. Patch candles   $38

With masculine scents and style, these candles will definitely help cover up that "weird smell" from his office that you can't quite put your finger on.

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