Thursday, June 7, 2012

An interview with one of our favorite artists - Eddie Granger

Greetings! Betsey here from the shop!

We just got some new art in from the wonderfully talented local artist Eddie Granger. His latest works are very fluid with great color and texture. They are made with crayons broken into little pieces. No two pieces are alike and the patterns that come through are quite beautiful. 


Eddie is always pushing himself as an artist and experimenting with new mediums and context.  I love seeing what he's doing next and thought it would be great to interview him: 

What inspires your works?

Being an existentialist, I constantly question and observe the context of our lives. With the use of recycled materials, phrases, and imagery of the common consciousness, I create a composition that sparks curiosity in my subjects; a curiosity which challenges the mundane and highlights the abnormal. 
My work has the ability to evoke the proverbial positivity of light, while touching upon, and sometimes engulf, the fragility found in our darkest fears and desires. It acts as a vessel of conscious awareness of the subliminal messaging of our society. Given the broad range of human experience, the form my art takes - painting, drawing, installation, et. al. - depends on that which I feel to be most influentially receptive. 

Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite?

It wouldn't be fair to say I have a favorite piece because I like all of my pieces equally. Some have stronger meanings and some were at a different focus in my life. Each time I create a series of work it tends to steer me into a new direction and allows me to further progress and evolve into the next series. I always try to evolve and show people what I'm thinking and show them something different.

Is there an artist you relate to?

I like the works of Damien Hirst and Frank Stella. Both Artist influence the aesthetic and quality of my work, both gain value and notability as an artist by constant evolution through their work.

What would you call your style?

I'd say it's abstract, but it's crude and has a playful optimism. My current work takes on the face of an abstract mural. It has a dimensional, lyrical abstraction to it, and some people often ask me if there is a tribal flare to it. This may come from my sensitivity to culture and open minded spirituality.


How long have you been painting/drawing/etc?

I've been painting/drawing since I was about 5 years old. I got myself into more articulate materials other than just the ordinary when I started college.

What types of art do you prefer?

I like all sorts of art, when it is done well. I like art that is progressive and can show me something different and mundane rather than just the ordinary. The art world is constantly changing and we should always look ahead and not back. Art doesn't have to follow a certain style or follow our early predecessors.

You can view more of Eddie's work at and here at Shaun Smith Home. 


  1. Oh, Betsey...we love the blog! Thanks again, Shaun & Betsey.

  2. So fab! Love how diverse his work is. So great. M.