Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Product and Photoshoot!

Our friends over at Brasa Fire used the shop last week for a photo shoot for their fireplaces that will be featured in Elle Decor!

Below are some shots from on the shoot...

And here are some of the finished professional shots for the magazine!

Also, we are super excited to announce that we will be carrying Avani, the fireplace featured below! Here's a little description of the Avani from the company, Brasa Fire:

"This portable fire feature is a simple way to add fire to any setting. It’s modern and compact design make it a great home accessory. Place it in your existing masonry hearth as a replacement for a traditional log or gas fire or use it as a stand alone feature. Made of stainless steel and high temperature ceramic."

It is sleek and modern and the perfect gift for someone! You can control the flame easily and although small, they can comfortably heat a room.

The chrome fireplace is GORGEOUS! It is on back order for another 2 months but we will carry it once it is in stock.

We will be carrying the high gloss white, high gloss black and chrome. Please contact us HERE for more information on these stunning fireplaces!

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